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Havalina Pte. Ltd. (“Havalina”) is excited to invite you to use the service and try our innovative wines and packaging. We aim to operate a transparent, customer friendly service and responsible use of customer data and information (we don’t spam).

The Refund Policy outlined in this page may come across heavy on the ‘legal lingo’, but it’s necessary to protect both us as a service provider and you as a consumer, which we hope you agree is positive for everyone.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or recommendations and we hope you enjoy our wines and that you Let The Good Times Flow!!

The Havalina Team.

Name of Licensee: Havalina Pte Ltd
Class 3A Licence: No. L/LL/012968/2016/P
Class 4 License:  LL/20190222/0075



Havalina works closely with our suppliers to make sure we deliver fantastic wines that we love and out punch way above their weight. While it’s very uncommon, should you ever not be totally satisfied with a wine purchased from us then we are more than happy to provide a full refund and/or credit for that purchase.  

If you are not satisfied email us at within 30 days of buying the product and we’ll refund you in full for your purchase (excluding delivery costs).

The quality guarantee does not apply after 12 months from purchase.



If having commenced delivery of your order, we return any ordered products to our storage site, or you do not collect an order we have together agreed you will collect, while we will refund the amount paid by you for those products (in the absence of an arrangement with you for re-delivery), you agree that we may deduct an amount from this refund amount due to costs incurred by us in returning the relevant products to our storage site.

You agree that we may make such deduction where we were unable to deliver due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control (including because of the wrong address appearing to us to have been given) or where we did not complete delivery because of any of the "Delivery Pre-Conditions" above not being met. In addition if we agree to re-send the product to you we may apply an additional delivery fee.



If you receive our products and they are damaged upon delivery please do not accept the order and the products will be returned to our warehouse.

Please note that risk of damage, loss or deterioration to product passes to the buyer upon delivery and therefore no refunds are offered for products that are damaged after you have accepted the delivery.



If you would like to submit a refund claim, simply email us at
In the case of a Quality Guarantee claim, you are required to return the wine in question (at your cost) to our warehouse for a quality inspection. The process for the inspection will be outlined at the time you make your claim.  
We aim to have the inspection and subsequent refunds processed, if applicable, within 3-5 working days from the date the wines are returned to our warehouse.



If Havalina reasonably believes that a buyer is abusing our Quality Guarantee, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel the Refund Policy / Quality Guarantee in relation to that buyer, cancel any pending orders and/or close that buyer's account.



Subject to any rights you may have under any law, if an item you have purchased comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, Havalina will take no responsibility for the content, fulfilment or enforcement of that manufacturer’s warranty.  It is your responsibility to contact the relevant manufacturer in relation to all questions and claims relating to the manufacturer’s warranty.