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Havalina came to life when a group of wine loving entrepreneurs joined forces to positively influence how people enjoy wine and time together.  Our vision was to offer:

“…wine people love in a packaging that syncs with occasions they live for”.

We felt there was a clear need for a product which brought together the traditions of wine production with ‘smart’ packaging and a modern brand message.  With this combo we aim to elevate the experience of fun-seekers and wine drinkers everywhere.



As wine drinkers we truly appreciate the best flavours at friendly prices so we only sell wines we absolutely love and can deliver at value.  We wanted to get these wines into a new and more adventurous packaging.

Havalina’s pouch is ‘smart’ for many reasons. They are recyclable and light so produce 80% less CO2 emissions in transport compared to glass bottles. They reduce oxidation of the wine keeping flavours alive for weeks once opened resulting in less waste.

They are designed to make carrying, transporting and storing your wine a breeze. Whether you’re relaxing at home or trailblazing Havalina will be there to serve your glass.



As a lifestyle brand Havalina wants to challenge wine industry traditions in a positive way and make this legendary beverage accessible, casual and fun for everyone while maintaining the sustainable principles of the 3R’s - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Industry reports from leading institutions tracked the lifecycle of wine packaging recording the natural resources required to produce the packaging, emissions to air, water and soil all the way through to the waste they generate.

Results showed that pouches as used by Havalina are one of the best performing packaging in regard to a smaller environmental footprint. Reports also showed that glass bottles were the worst performing wine packaging.

Havalina has also implemented system based solutions to promote the reuse of our pouches such as collecting used pouches from customers when we deliver new orders.  We are currently researching how we can reuse the pouches so that they don’t end up in the ocean or landfill…so watch this space!


Havalina works closely with our partners and friends to ensure we deliver an exceptional offering that pairs with any experience and seduces your tastebuds! Our partners share our vision for a modern wine adventure benefiting vino lovers and the environment alike.

We will continue to work hard to achieve this vision so you can simply…


The Havalina Team


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